Monday, 11 March 2019

Exploring inside Mapperley train tunnel - Nottingham

An exploration I did in an old, abandoned train tunnel in 1876 in Nottingham. It was difficult finding this place, but I got there in the end and was very excited when I saw the entrance of the tunnel in the distance between some trees. It wasn’t an easy place to find, being in the middle of some woods and hidden out of the way from the public eye. But was worth the effort and a relic found. I had to take careful steps through the very muddy and slippery entrance first to get to the beginning of the dark tunnel. With just a bit of light from my torch I felt intimidated by the darkness when I looked through the entrance, but I knew I had to do this and get to the end and back. I thought about the tunnel being haunted and this leads me into the idea about what music I could create from this and so I produced a post-industrial music track that I thought suited the dark scenery and not forgetting the anxiety felt when at the far end that was blocked off the sound design captured that feeling well. Click below to watch on YouTube: P.S. Uncensored & unprofessional I got there in the end ;-)

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