Wednesday, 26 December 2018

My second music video titled Dark Industrial - 2016

I was a Music Technology BA Graduate when I produced this music video in 2016. It was shown at Nottingham Contemporary art center that same year. I based the project around derelict buildings and their decaying structures and Industrial Drum & Bass music. A friend and myself recorded the video day and night, but mostly I was alone exploring these abandoned buildings in my hometown Nottingham. The first abandoned building was near to where I lived and is called Great Northern Railway Corn warehouse. The other location was a place called Kimberly Brewery in Nottinghamshire. It was my second go at video production in which I gave the end result a shitty quality look, because I think it looks unsettling. I am from the 80s and I love the quality of those cheap horror nasties on tape and so thought I'd try and add that a little in somewhere.

Watch the whole video on YouTube: 

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