Saturday, 22 December 2018

My first music video titled Dark Tourist - 2015

This project was about having a look into Nottingham’s dark past. Visiting historical places that are associated with death, tragedy, and historical value. That is the nature of dark tourism. The project is comprised of video clips mixed together creatively and in sync with my own music track, which is called Dark Tourist. The locations in the music video are Rock Cemetery, Galleries of Justice, Nottingham castle, and Mortimer’s Hole. These locations are not only known for their grisly pasts but are also known for their paranormal qualities. I was joined by a friend and fellow photographer/ghost-hunter James Pykett, who contributed some of his photos for the video and some of the video was recorded on a ghost hunting event at night. The video and music has been recorded, edited and arranged by myself. Click below to watch on YouTube:

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